Saturday, 28 January 2012

Manchester Museum, Photo Day

Howdy Camerafags,

Today I have spent the day in a museum in Manchester. To be quite honest with you, I don't know if it's the official museum of the city or if it's just one of the many, I'm guessing it's the latter, all I know is that there were a lot of people which suggests it's quite popular. My favourite part of the entire experience was actually the buildings around it, they looked absolutely brilliant and I rather regret my decision to not pre-plan and bring a few colour films rolls because I think it would have really worked. Most of the buildings near were in good condition and had a lot of really great looking features, for example, a lot of the windows were large and quite vintage. The only issue I really had is the fact I had to accommodate to the really low lighting which means that, when I came up to windows like in this photo, I had to faff around with settings. Back to my initial point, I really love buildings like these, it reminds me a lot of London city life which is something I always love to think about. It also reminds me of a regular flow of photos I see, that are primarily in film, that are of various cities and are quite old photos - just think of Tumblr, really.

I won't lie, the attractions indoors were genuinely quite interesting though, due to my lack of understanding, I couldn't exactly relate to a lot of the information because I hadn't been acquainted with it in the past.

Conclusion, the inside was reasonably boring and the outside was brilliant, what a bizzare journey to a Museum,


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