Friday, 27 January 2012

Why do I want to be a Photographer?

Howdy Camerafags,

I've wanted to be a photographer for years now; I've never truly thought about it or planned it out, but I knew I wanted my job to involve creating art with my trusty camera and eyes. It's hard to describe really, you just know when someone is your thing really. Sometimes it can football, gaming, stamp-collecting, partying, model painting - sometimes it can be Photography. I've used cameras my entire life, as most people have, but I first picked up a camera, with the intention to create art, when I was about 11 at the beginning of High School. My Dad had been into Photography for years so it sort of rubbed off onto me; I loved seeing his camera, this large DSLR that beeped and snapped, it was rather mesmerising. I was occasionally allowed to use it, but only briefly, it was somewhat heavy and much different to the camera I had previously used in my life. Much different to a disposable camera, light and inexpensive - but this camera was more. I didn't even have a concept of the various settings and capabilities of this black box, the amount of buttons overwhelmed my eyes - what were half of them for? Obviously I know now, they can lock expose, change the camera to MF/AF, change the camera mode, the dial to change the appropriate number, all sorts really.

Shortly after that experience, I set my mind on getting a camera for my birthday, nothing too pricey or adventurous - something simple but mine. I can't even remember what the make was, the camera must be around somewhere, it was some form of Fujipix, a compact camera. It was small, much less advanced than my Dad's camera, but it had all sorts of buttons and I even had a little bag with a miniature tripod, not that I used it at all really. I experimented with all of these aliens settings to familiarise myself, I tried to develop a style, techniques and my ability in certain areas. We'd often go to Martin Mere, my sister, brother and my Dad, my other sister had only recently been born so it would have been a bit of stretch to take her to face the elements, it was always bloody cold. We used to walk through the entire place, completely packed with a plethora of wildlife. Ducks, swans, even bloody peacocks. I wasn't entirely fond of the place, but I could take hundreds of photos all day long with my camera, it was something I had never really done before.

In the passing years up to now, I have tried all sorts really. I've experimented with post-processing techniques in Photoshop, I have used various subject matter which varies from people to buildings. But now, here I am, wanting my final qualification from Uni to be a Masters in Fashion Photography. I've been thinking about Universities I could go to and I've concluded on my top option being London College of Fashion. Oh god, imagine being there, earning my qualifications amongst other aspiring photographers. Being taught by professionals in the industry and expanding my knowledge and understanding within the camera-lovin' part of my brain. It rather makes me quiver with excitement at the prospect of earning money doing fashion shoots with beautiful and distinct models. I really, really want to.

I want to become a photographer because it's what I'm good at, I'm good at learning from my mistakes and I know I could become a brilliant professional with the right amount of work. I'm absolutely convinced I could succeed in University if I put my mind to it. My motivation would be unstoppable and my love for the art would be constant.

Why do you want to pursue a particular career?

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