Thursday, 9 February 2012

Lacking Inspiration for Portraits

Howdy Camerafags,

I'm absolutely running out of inspiration when it comes to photography. It's not that I'm losing interest in it, not at all, but, like in the past, I have suddenly found myself with somewhat of a 'Photographers block'. I was in my study day yesterday at college to get some work done and I have many opportunities to use the studio with various backdrops and lighting equipment, but, when it actually came to it, I couldn't really think of something new to do with the model's I had available. I won't lie, I which I had access to more people, but I can always make do with what I have - just sometimes, it won't be particularly interesting. I didn't really have any props either which was a bit of a pain; I'm not one for props but I think it would have helped a fair bit. I think a lot of it is the fact I don't know a lot of models so I don't have a diverse selection of people to use in my photos.

I suppose I did get a reasonable amount of photos from yesterday, but nothing particularly mind blowing or fresh. I did like the closeup I got of Drew solely because Beth scared him by jabbing the air right near him with a sharp pair of scissors, hell, if they're on the verge of tears, mostly from laughter I suppose, then why not use it? The all in all, this week hasn't been hugely successful in terms of photography, though I did take a few colour film rolls for the first time which I will develop and print soon - quite looking forward to how they turn out! They're out of date which means that, apparently, the colours will look different and, sometimes, better than they would have if they were new film rolls.

Does anyone have any neat ideas for some portraits I could do?

Catch you later when I actually have some interesting photos or a story to tell,


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