Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Reprocessing Old Images

Howdy Camerfags,

I'm still happily in my half-term time so I figured I would make the most of it by staying up pretty late last night reprocessing old images whilst I watched The Big Bang Theory. Turns out it was a success and I'm far happier with my versions I've now got as opposed to my older ones, I think my taste in photos has changed dramatically over the past few months. I much prefer dark, undersaturated photos with quite a negative atmosphere rather than what I used to which was quite uptempo, happy photos with purple, red, blue and yellow tones!

One of the photos took quite a while to process because I, lazily, only got one type of a certain portrait so I didn't have any others to reference to. I just had one portrait with the model's shoulders in but there were a of hair strands covering her eye which was a massive distraction. At the time, I only really took the photo just incase but I didn't really like the angle - now I love it! So, note to self, always make corrections in camera during the shoot as opposed to 'hoping for the best'. Anyway, it's not all doom and gloom, I think I managed to clean it up nicely I suppose, at least it's not noticeable.

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